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Wheel bands are a game-changing way to secure your rims. These wheel accessories won't only assist you avoid pricey restoring of your wheels but also will add a classy edge to your everyday ride it must set aside from the rolling masses. They act as a defensive barrier decreasing assault of curb rash and therefore the elements also as aid in preventing scuffs, scratches, and potholes that may come from road hazards. Developed to strict internal control standards and made from first-rate materials, they're unsurpassed in value. Rimpro-Tec comes with huge variety of wheel bands
• Material which helps to reduce the cost of the wheels.
• Double-sided adhesive, durable, clip together the base and insert pinstripe.
• Give’s Protection and an expensive look to your car wheels.
• It is very easy to install only takes 20 minutes for a full set.
• It is a great defense solution to protect your rims against curb rash.
Unique cut to fit the unique tape-on mounting track and snap-in color fit all wheels from 12″ to 22″ that have (5 mm) wide flat outer edge on the face of the wheel.
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