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Has anyone thought about what your a1 went through or is about to go through on the crossing via transport to the uk ?

Imagine that audi have just made your car ,then its probabley taken from them buy a guy on a transporter to a holding compound,off the transporter again squeazed between many others until time to be shipped,then from the compound to the ship . driv en by god no,s who (who,s priority is to get metal onboard the ship as quick as possible ) again squeezed into the ships compound.then over the rough seas. who no,s what goes on in the ship maybe staff pratting about ..
then ashore from ship to another compound maybe driven by a 17 yr old who cant realy drive.. :(
then picked up again from compound, reved to hell up onto the transporter..then driven rattleing all over the uk pot holes..then whizzed down from transporter into dealers forcourt...
yikes...not good thoughts hey :mrgreen:

sorry posted in wrong section ..if a mod could please move to correct place please... :oops:
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