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I'm a member of the Audi Owners Club and one of our members is arranging an open day at Tonbridge Audi for all Audi clubs, forums and enthusiasts.

Here's some detail

It's back for it's second year folks

Tonbridge Audi are opening up their facilities to the AOC. We can get our cars checked, inspected, diagnosed and topped up (Not the fuel tank), ALL for FREE (Register in advance to ensure you get a slot in the workshops )

We will be able to ask various Audi related questions to the Master Technicians, even about engine swaps and modification queiries. Last year we found out how good or bad our cars actually were, but we were also very impressed at the level of knowledge shared by the Technicians, even towards the older 80 & 90 variants and even back to Series 2's and UR's. Well worth coming along just to find out what your car needs, or doesn't in the case of most people who went along last year!

Refreshments will of course be provided.

We need more ideas for what to do on the day though.

One thing that can be arranged is a Rolling Road! Anyone see Top Gear on Sunday (1oth July 2011)? The boys in one of their challenges had to test the power of their cars, this was done by Dyno Dynamics mobile rolling road, anyone who know's anything about these set ups will know that Dyno Dynamics are actually the manufacturer and supplier of most of the rolling roads that are in use. The company has the most renowned Mobile Rolling Road set-up and the bearded chap, Keith I think his name is, who was on the show looking after the rolling road will be coming along to Tonbridge Audi and will be setting that very rolling road up for the day!

There are two drawbacks. The first and perhaps not much of a drawback really is that anyone wishing to put their car on the rollers will be asked to part with £20 for the
privelage. We were really trying to get someone down to set-up for free but that simply isn't possible. The other drawback and for me it certainly is a drawback is that it
is not capable of testing quattro cars! Other companies have offered to come down but it is known not to trust the figures that they state.

So if you have a front wheel drive Audi of any age, get yourself registered for the rolling road as there will only be a limited number of spaces to fit in on the day.

The guy who will be looking after this is a fully trained and experienced technician and will have to first check to make sure your car is safe enough to be tested in the first place.

Tonbridge Audi can only fit 50 cars on their premises this year so there is a limit set to 50 cars for this event and as this invite will be going out to lots of other forums in the coming weeks, I suggest as an AOC member that you get yourself registered sooner rather than later.

If you own an Audi, regardless of the condition, so long as it is road legal, get in touch and register your interest for the event itself. The Audi Owners Club is holding an open invite to any Audi Enthusiast to come along for the day and enjoy in what will become another great day out!

The added bonus that you get, is that not all the activities for the day have been suggested yet, which means you can have a say in what YOU would like on the day. The suggestion box is only open to Members of the Audi Owners Club and AudiFans registered users so get your thinking caps on. They probably won't have the man power to take loads of us out in an R8 Spyder but put it on your list anyway, I will ask as you just never know!

PM or email me on [email protected] with ideas and to register your interest. Don't forget, so that you can receive your VIP pass, please give a contact address, contact number and your email address. Your details will only be used to contact you regarding this Open Day event only. Tonbridge Audi will not use them for their own purposes.

Looking forward to this one already!

Geoff Black

AOC South East Regional Host
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