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I'm Tommy from Portugal. I have sold my Seat Ibiza 1.9 TDI 105cv (2009) to Buy this A1. I'm looking for something more and I think I found it in Audi. Although my Ibiza was fully loaded with power and aesthetics I think the Audi follows a more confortable and self centered philosophy and that's why my config is very discrete on the exterior (opposed to my black magic with 17' rims and black tinted windows ibiza ;)) and very atractive on the interior. Config as follows has been submitted and I am waiting for the production week :p

So I opted for a Audi A1 Sport 1.6TDI 105hp with a 5 shift manual gearbox. It is well equipped (for a base Audi, because it has so little compared with the Ibiza). Although I managed to correct some things with the following ordered extras:

Color - White Amalfi (because I didn't have to pay to for it and I am on a tight budget :mrgreen: )

-Multfunction Steering wheel

-Conectivity pack (w/ bluetooth, pre loaded sat nav, USB and Ipod connections and 2 SD cards)

-Led interior pack (I had to ask for this because otherwise I would only have a single dim light in the center of the car. I think Audi totally fails on this point... anyway...)

-Audi Concert TFT Radio

-Alarm with anti tow

-Bixenon and rear tailight led lights

-Cruise control (I had it on my Ibiza and once u try it u never want to let it go :lol: )

-safety lock on the wheels so that they dont get stolen (btw, they are the normal 215/45 R16' that come with the sports package)

-rain and light sensors

-gray stripe on the windshield (dont know what this is for but I had to put it in order to get the Auto AC)

-Climatronic automatic AC

And I am really missing the parking sensors, but those were the one's that I could instal later on. There was no more money to put them. Nevertheless I think it's a good config. Waiting time is around 1 or 2 months. :geek:

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