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After the plethora of Reviews in the press in the last week, what's your take on what they're saying?

One thing is for sure, they ALL love the quality, no question. And having sat in one myself, I definitely have to agree. Its of the same standard as my Q5 or the TT's I get to drive on a regular basis. The question is, does the platform it sits on do that quality justice? It is, after all, a VW Polo underneath with the same engines.

The car WILL be a hit, that is for sure. It is no A2 (which, by all accounts will be making a come back very soon!), its a car for a market that Audi just does not have any presence in, and they've done a great job of packaging this. Looks are great, feel is amazing for this class of car, but the price is a little high (especially when you start adding the toys). Audi have a habit of charging nearly double of what their stable mates charge - Airbag disable switch is a cost option, where as its standard on most VW's. Tyre pressure sensors, nearly double the price for what is the same part.

There is no question that you get amazing quality, the question will be at what cost.

So, below are links to the reviews found all over the web, now its your turn to answer, tell everyone what you think!

AutoCar - 1.6TDi Sport ... rt/250551/

Autotrader - A1 ... car-review

CAR Magazine - A1 1.4 TFSI ... AR-review/

The Daily Telegraph - A1 Review ... eview.html

AutoExpress - A1 Driven ... riven.html

Popular Mechanics - A1 Test Drive ... test-drive

EVO Magazine - Audi A1 Driven ... eview.html

So, place your comments and vote for your favourite review.
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