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Hi All,

I'm currently an Alfa Brera S owner and was thinking of going to the Giulietta or Mito only to find when heading into Audi Basingstoke they had an A1 S-Line of which I fell in love with (Same feeling with the Brera). I first saw the A1 at Goodwood and wasn't all that taken back by it but seeing it in the S-Line certainly changed my mind. I've got a test drive this Saturday, though only in a Sport I'm sure it'll impress me. Prior to the Brera I had an A3 SB S-Line (TDI 140ps) which was such a good all round car. I's like to spec the car quite high so I look forward to reading what you guys think with regards to 'must haves' on the A1.

Fingers crossed I'll be on here a lot more often.
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