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Big thank you to this forum which I found on Saturday night after viewing an A1 tdi sport on Saturday. We previously owned 2 x Audi a2's which we really enjoyed and I went to Blackburn Audi on Saturday for a nosey at the A1. The dealership was very busy on Saturday and I was met by the sales manager as I was looking at a lovely but expensive a1 diesel sport in misano red with the contrast line. Anyway after half an hour talking to the sales manager he looked around our car and offered £750 more than Honda had offered (it is a civic) against a CRZ I was considering.

He also explained big target for rebate in March and he would discount the a1 if I could make a decision immediately. Suffice to say that I bought it and spent all of Saturday night looking on this forum. It has quite a lot of extras fitted and I will post these and a pic in the next day or so.

Looking forward to being Audi owners again shortly!
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