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Hi guys and girls,

Sales are going well and most dealers (including us) have more than double the amount of orders than 'allocation' will allow and so as previously thought, these are going to be in serious demand!

As a sign of our commitment to these online forums, we have managed to add and reserve 2 allocation slots (approx December delivery), which are like gold dust. If demand is high enough then I will try to negotiate to get extra slots reserved for this forum.

This gives you a unique opportunity to get yourself an A1 close to the launch.

There are some conditions though:
1) You must be registered on this forum and have posted atleast 1 post
2) You must PM me on this forum to get a code that enables you to order your car online via our system
3) £1,000 deposit is payable at time of order (we will call you to take payment)
4) You must sign and return your orderform by post before the 27th May 2010

Poole Audi reserve the right to withdraw this offer at anytime.

Hope this helps
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