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Know we've discussed Factory visits before in the forum - but we're just back from our S. Germany trip and thought there may be some who are interested in how it can all work logistically. We did stop in at the Audi Forum at the airport and they were quite helpful about the factory tour - but not about getting to Ingolstadt Outlet Village where I thought I might venture.

As Jay says, it is really easy to get to Ingolstadt by train from Munich. If you get a Bavaria ticket (the ticket machines can work in English usually, if not it's 'Bayern Ticket') Euros 29 for 2-5 people, Euros 21 for 1, Euros 2 more if you buy from a human being at the DB Reisezentrum at a station, then you can take any non ICE train after 9 a.m., choice of about 3 an hour, taking about an hour on average.

Get off the train at Ingolstadt Hauptbahnhof (Hbf) and get into a taxi and say Audi Factory Tour - costs about Euros 14, but it's busy traffic so make sure you choose an early enough train. The Audi form had advised that a taxi was the better idea anyway as not too clear where to get off the bus if your German is a bit rusty or restricted. Even though Ingolstadt Nord looks closer to Audi on the map, we took the advice of the Audi forum and got off at the Hbf.
We chose 9.28 train which theoretically arrives at 10.30 so loads of time.

(But - on the day we went there were engineering works - yep, in Germany too - and caught the very delayed 9.06 at 9.20 and through agonising stop and start arrived Ingolstadt 10.50 - bit of a panic as the English speaking tour starts 11.30 and they want you there at 11.15!! The efficient Russian female taxi driver got him there, thankfully!)

I'd decided not to go round the factory or even to the museum - traitor aren't I, as it's me who mostly drives the A.1!! I had thought about going onto Nuremberg as the train ticket covers the whole of Bavaria, but given the delays decided against, very wisely as it turned out. So I waved my husband off in the taxi outside the Hbf. then got on a No. 10 bus also almost right outside. No need to pay as Bavaria ticket covers nearly all bus journeys. Ingolstadt centre is probably best reached if you get off at Rathausplatz. However, the Outlet Village beckoned and to get there you can stay on until ZOB (bus station) - it's all displayed inside the bus so no stress. At the bus station, next to the Mueller Bakers, is the Bus no. 20 stop. Take the 23 mins past and that No. 20 bus goes right into the village itself. Interestingly, it also stopped at Nordbahnhof (West) which seemed quite remote from the station - I looked all round and couldn't see any sign of a station on either journey, so good advice given again.

The outlet village is worth a visit, good food and upmarket fashion, shoes, etc. at discount prices. Apparently magical at Christmas. I stayed for a time then caught the bus back into Ingolstadt at about 45 mins past every hour, there's a timetable at the stop. Ingolstadt is a good centre for both culture, food and shopping. The No.20 bus goes back to the ZOB obviously, but you can stay on until Rathausplatz, then walk up and find shops, museums, etc. To get back to the station get on the No. 10 again, they're pretty frequent.

If you just want to go to the Outlet Village from Munich, then just outside Munich station Grays Tours do a trip Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. There is also a coach directly from Munich airport on Thursdays and Saturdays. However, they're not going to get you to Audi for the 11 30 Factory Tour in English!!

My husband loved the Tour and also enjoyed going round the museum, coming back on Bus No 11, the staff at Audi can advise exactly where to get it - cost him Euros 2 as I had the Bavaria ticket. We met back at the station, both of us happy.

Sorry if this is a bit rambling, but it was difficult to get exact logistical info even from the Internet, both here and kindly accessed by the Audi Forum staff in German. I'm sure there may be others wondering if they want to spend hours at Audi - in fact, my husband was talking to a couple after the tour and the lady wished she'd done the same as me, much as she'd enjoyed it she was a bit 'car-ed out' but had had no idea that Ingolstadt is interesting or about the Village.

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Haha yeah I found the town extremely quiet. I only hanged around for a breakfast before spending the rest of the day in the factory

Cant wait to go back again one day!! :-D
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