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Ok been meaning to join this place for a good while!

Bought an White Audi A1 1.6 TDI S-line. I received my A1 on launch week back in November. Had to order it pretty early on for this privilege! Slowly but surely I'm noticing more fellow A1 drivers joining me on the roads ;-) Do wave if you see me around Lancashire/Manchester!

I previously had a Seat Ibiza Mk4 1.4 Petrol (keeping within the VW family) which underneath is the same car as the A1, so replacing things like wipers/lightbulbs etc will be very easy for me! I do notice when I pull back the Audi bodywork the parts underneath are basically VW standard parts used on the Polo/Ibiza. Overall however it is put together much better than the Seat, it feels solid and more upmarket.

Back in October I was actually doing a cross country trip across Germany saw my first A1 in the streets of Berlin. Right from the start I planned to pass through Ingolstadt (where Audi head office is based) so I could pop in to get my first look at an A1 before my car arrived in the UK! I saw the A3/Q5/A4 production line and it really did give me a feel how much care and attention is put into these cars. There's also a really cool museum there with cars dating back to the 1920's. Well worth a visit if you ever go to that part of Germany.

So here I am finally joined up to join in with the forum! :)

As a little treat :p for reading my post watch this link - its really cool :) they show it to all visitors before they start you on the factory tour!

Cheers people!
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