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I have a current A1 35 tfsi Vorsprung. Not quite six months old. A recent visit to establish why the main beam assist was no longer operative ( I am convinced it has previously, I don't think I am delusional ). An initial visit to the dealer perplexed 3 sales people so it was 'booked in'. After 2 1/2 days of attempting to rectify, I have been told this feature is not actually part of the spec! Demonstrates great product knowledge don't you think.
Attempts to check exact spec with Audi UK have been fruitless. The web site and configurator similarly does not break down the spec of the exterior lighting spec. I understand the 'Auto' LED lights and dynamic indicators are generic across all trim variants so presumably main beam assist doesn't exist for any of the current A1 models? Yet they still attempted to rectify a 'fault' which couldn't presumably exist. Again demonstrates great product knowledge.
The handbook also contains instructions how to set the system to operate main beam assist. If generic why include the information.
I cannot believe that a sophisticated Auto LED light system does not include main beam assist .Our previous A1 Black had the system. So much for Vorsprung.
Anyone out there able to enlighten me. Pardon the pun!
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