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I've recently brought a 2012 Audi a1 sport and was gutted when it didn't have a Sat Nav built in.
The dealer said that you can go to Audi and pay to have it installed about around £350. (Brought from Mercedes's ridgeway)
After a few months of being busy I've finally got round to looking into it. I've had a look at these forums and can't seem to find a straight answer. Some say it's £600, others £500, so I'm unsure.
I've seen that you can buy the SD cards on things like Amazon and eBay, but do they need to be programmed and fitted or simply just inserted? Has anyone brought one of these and have had any problems? Or would it be best to go ditch this idea and just go to a dealer? (I don't know any technical things about cars so figured this was the best way to get some answers)
Any help would be really appreciated!
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