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Hoping to get a little bit of guidance.

My A1 has been rough idling on start, regardless if cold or warm. I got an EML with the code P2188 - system too rich at idle bank 1. There was a strong smell of fuel mixed with the oil and oil level was high. I decided to change the piston and seals on the HPFP, but didn't make any difference. So I took my car to a local garage and they found fuel trims were out. Spark plugs and injectors were all fine, compression normal. But they did note that one pipe in the intake system had 'come adrift'. They reconnected this and changed the oil, cleaned the injectors through and the fuel trims were now correct. After about two weeks, rough idling started again but was less frequent. As the car was driven more, the rough idling became more frequent.

I decided to take it to another garage to have a second opinion; they found the oil was a little high again but thought little of this. They checked the fuel trims and noted these as higher than they should be again. They focused on the injectors, checked the bores, removed spark plugs and didn't smell any petrol. Misfire counter showed various cylinders logging misfires on start, but not whilst running/driving. They did a full carbon clean, and advised to give it a good run to clear out any loose carbon leftover (there was a lot!). Was advised to use E5 fuel (premium) and run it through.

The rough idles are still occurring as frequently as before, and once again I have an EML with error code P2188 - system too rich at idle bank 1, and code 04106 - manufacturer specific. Oil is extremely potent with fuel and the level is way above the maximum line on the dipstick.

Does anyone have any ideas what else could be causing this issue/seen anything like this before? I will be taking the car to an Audi Specialist next week in hopes of some further diagnostic and a resolution.
Any help would be much appreciated!
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