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Hi everyone,

I ordered a Audi A1 back in May 2010....

Yesterday I visited by invitation, Carlisle Audi to actually physically see and sit in etc the new Audi A1.
You can imagine the excitement and also a degree of ??????
Well, whoever marketed this as a competition model to The Mini must be mad!!!!! It is the small car for the discerning driver as far as I am concerned.
Wow!, it is fabulous in the flesh and makes my initial confidence in the new model worth every penny of the deposit I paid!!!
The outside and interior finish is high class and all the media folks who hahaed this new Audi should feel belittled as it is superb and I know I will love every mile that I eventually..............albeit in in this lovely sleek car.

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Im sure that it will be worth the wait.

We will be driving a 1.6TDi next week, for a couple of days (pending confirmation), and will report back here, in the VIP Lounge.


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