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So after owning my A1 2012 122ps s line for 6 months two weeks ago the start stop system started to play up first with a message about the stability programme and then it was just failing to restart and i had to manually start the car so i turned off the start stop system it seemed to fix the issue. The one day i forgot to turn it off the car turned off on me in the middle of a road so i had to push start it. i got home turned it off and tried starting again it wouldn't start so i had no option but to jump start it. I suspected the alternator and checked the battery voltage while the car was running and received a good result of 14.63V with the engine running. I turned off all electrical systems i could think of for two days and drove to work thinking it should be enough to charge it and the car was okay for the two days after this. But this morning again it was giving me issues the ignition turns on day time running lights are as bright as usual and the battery has 12.34V. The ignition turns on but the car will not crank unless its jump started and once it is jump started and the jump leads are disconnected it stays running however almost all lights are on the dashboard apart from the engine light, also the battery indicator just flashes at me. The car drives faultlessly and pulls regardless to this issue however electrical systems such as the wipers are extremely slow. The demister when turned on just flashes. I checked the battery voltage again and now it only shows 8.76V however the car stays running for a good period of time.

I really need the car to get from and to work and Audi will not provide a courtesy car as it is out of warranty. Does anyone have any idea what maybe at fault here as i cannot find anything. :cry:

P.s. I am new and this and if i have posted this in the wrong area apologises.
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