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Hi all,

I’ve been having a nightmare with my A1 for nearly 5 months now.

we originally failed the MOT in April as the electronic part of the steering wheel had failed, that part is now on back order (as original part discontinued!!) - so that aside the problems began…

For the age the car has low mileage, around 42000 miles and full audi service history. I took it for my first service to a independent garage in April, by May the car started to periodically throw up the EML in a flashing mode whilst idle in traffic, and would stop showing up once pulling away. I had it plugged up and it threw up cylinder 4 missfire, first step was to check the plugs and coil packs.. all changed just to be safe. Power reinstated and car drove fine again, did a 300 mile trip to Wales and it only flashed once when stationary.
Injectors have been checked cold and are fine, all emmission and levels are fine. However the problem seems to be when the engine gets hot 20-25 minutes of driving and when idle. The car has gone into lymp mood twice. Car sperodically throws up cylinder 2 on testing too but everything checked and is fine apart from slight low compression but not enough to missfire.
In any event the original garage did the wrong oil I’ve had it replaced with the correct oil, fuel pump and filter all checked and changed where necessary & it drove fine again for 3 days. Sitting stationary in traffic yesterday it flashed once, and hasn’t continued to do again.
Im at a dead end as I keep paying to have things tested and 2 garages have now thrown up their hands and said they can’t see what the issue is other than keep testing things, which is not ideal!! I have it booked in with Audi for end of Aug and just wondered if maybe this is a common issue with A1s and if anyone has experienced it? I have a feeling it maybe a very minor issue that someone is missing!!!
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