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I'm Chris from Camberley and joining for an unfortunate reason. My dad died in Nov 2016 and a few weeks before he passed he gave each of my daughters some money. Younger daughter used hers to buy an A1 (she originally wanted a TT !) which took a good few months to track down. We settled on a 3 year old Contrast Line + model, approved used from a main dealer with just 8000 miles on the clock. It's proved to be almost faultless despite being assaulted by a London Bus nearly two years ago, then she was involved in a crash-for-cash scam accident in February (about 7 weeks ago)... she was second car at a roundabout, the car in front moved off yet with nothing coming round the roundabout it suddenly jammed its brakes on and came to a total halt. She was too busy checking that there was still nothing coming round the roundabout and unfortunately piled into the back of it - an old Vitara with a towbar and spare wheel on the tailgate. The wheel pushed the centre of the bonnet up and the towbar went through the radiator..... and both airbags went off. The insurers wrote the car off despite there being little damage - headlights are OK, both front wings are OK, even the crash bar is undamaged. By the time the insurers responded to the request to buy the car back it was too late, listed for auction :-(

By a stroke of luck I found it on a salvage site last week and it's now at my local bodyshop waiting for a quote to sort it out, but I've been given a rough figure, which when added to the salvage price and delivery charge to recover it from north of Manchester means it will be cost-effective to go ahead with the work.

My daughter can confirm that after the airbags fire, the car opens the front windows automatically so that the smoke clears !
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