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Hi folks! Newbie here from Birmingham.
After four years of driving a 'sensible' A6 Avant (great car but hardly fun to drive!!) I now no longer need the space so I decided to go for something completely different. Ordered a 1.4 TFSI S line S Tronic in white. The only options I've gone for are Xenon lamps with DRLs, heated door mirrors and a center armrest/storage. I was seriously considering having 18" alloys but I really like the 5 spoke 17"s (and easier to clean than the 7 spoke 18s!! :p)
Still awaiting a delivery date, but I'm not expecting it to be this year, and from reading some of the posts here I guess February/March is realistic. Oh well... if it drags out until March at least it'll be a new registration! :D
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