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Music to the ears: the Audi A1 iPhone app

* Game of skill with nine different rock songs
* Free "Audi A1 Beat Driver" for iPhone and iPod Touch
* International high score list, Facebook, Twitter and info about the A1


Listening to music in the car is nothing new, but driving a car in a piece of music certainly is. An iPhone app dedicated to the new Audi A1 makes it possible: The player steers the A1 through a world that pulsates to the beat of the music. There are nine different rock songs from which to choose. The game "Audi A1 Beat Driver" for the iPhone and iPod Touch can be downloaded from the App Store free of charge starting today.

The aim of the game is to collect objects and avoid obstacles while driving. Bonus symbols help to pile up the points. The levels vary with the song, with bands like Torpedo, La Roux, The Rakes and Lo-Fi-Fnk supplying the music. What will be the smallest Audi ever is easily steered with just a finger and the touchscreen of the iPhone or iPod Touch.

With the game to be available worldwide through the App Store, an international "Audi A1 Beat Driver" high score list is a must. Records can also be sent to friends or posted on Facebook or Twitter. The menu also includes an option for subscribing to a newsletter with the latest news and information about the new Audi A1.

Track Listing for "Audi A1 Beat Driver":
"Accelerate" by Torpedo, "I'm A Rope" by Tommy Sparks, "Strength In Numbers" by The Music, "Farewell To The Fairground" by White Lies, "Gold Guns Girls" by Metric, "1989" by The Rakes, "Bulletproof" by La Roux, "Digital Age" by The Fall and "Want U" by Lo-Fi-Fnk.


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