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  1. Audi A1
    hi my audi a1 1.4tfsi randomly started making this noise at idle after a res deletes .only happens when cold in the morning and mostly at startup and the noise goes away after the engine is fully warm. whenever u rev the engine it goes away.u can mostly hear in inside the cabin not much from...
  2. Audi A1
    Hi guys I have a audi a1 1.4tfsi 2011 I’m losing boost and getting underboost codes as well as overboost codes I’ve changed my turbo solenoid valve map sensor the only thing left is my boost control valve and turbo activator a friend said when you start up the rod should move as it pull a vac...
  3. The Audi A1 Forum
    I have got engine light on and fuel rail making a loud whining noise as there is so much pressure going in. Fault stored P0090 , Fuel pressure regulator fault engine size 1.2 TFSI any help would be much appreciated
1-3 of 12 Results