2015 Audi A1 Sport 1.0 TFSi manual

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2015 Audi A1 Sport 1.0 TFSi manual

Postby CRVDRIVER » Mon Jan 23, 2017 6:12 pm

Hello everyone,

My wife has just today bought an A1, as noted in the title. Metallic black, 18 months old and 12,000 miles. Purchased from a friend who has gone abroad. My wife has always said she would like an A1 and it was a snap decision.

Our only other VW/Audi group car was a Skoda Fabia many years ago. As you might guess from my user name I drive a Honda CR-V and have done for about 18 months following the death of my beloved Citroen C5.

I expect the 1 litre engine will cope with the journey to Tesco and back and the other journeys my wife does which total about 4,000 miles a year.

So far, so good. The A1 seems to drive well, doesn't rattle and, most importantly, my wife likes it. It now has a tankful of Shell V-power, but not sure if that is worth the extra cost (as discussed elsewhere on this forum). Purchase of a space-saver spare wheel might be the next step as being without a spare makes me nervous.

I've already learned that to change the headlights for continental driving is a dealer operation involving money changing hands (no changes needed for the CR-V) and that to turn the radio off one has to press and hold the button. I'm getting the idea behind the fixed/variable service schedules - our car is on the variable schedule and look as if it will need attention at 2 years old. Good to have a 2 year service interval again like our old Renault Clio.

It looks as if the front tyres will go to about 20,000 miles and the rears to 35,000 based on wear over the first 12,000 miles, especially as my wife is a gentle driver.

No sign of the stop/start working yet but the battery is probably still charging up from the car being unused for some time. We're in a rural area so it won't get much use anyway.

Interesting to see that people are running their own diagnostics. I haven't done that on the Honda yet, but I did quite a bit on the Citroen (mainly to keep DPF related matters in check as Citroen/Peugeot were early adopters of DPF's around 2001, if I remember correctly).

That's about it. I'll sit back and read (and hope we don't have any problems in the short term).
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