Mirroring iPhone/Android on Radio Concert (2011)

Mirroring iPhone/Android on Radio Concert (2011)

Postby Zoink5 » Mon Nov 28, 2016 6:50 pm

Hey guys,

I have an Audi A1 2011 mod, with the Radio Concert (non-nav) system. I have bluetooth media etc, but really would like to mirror my phone to the screen somehow.

The reason for this being I use Waze (GPS) and Spotify mostly, would be great to mirror this on the screen and use the phone less.

Does anyone have any tips on what I'll need for this type of setup? All tips are greatly appreciated.

PS: I've looked at a few topics here and there but couldn't find anything concrete. If there's a topic for this already please let me know. :)
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Re: Mirroring iPhone/Android on Radio Concert (2011)

Postby Vitalstatistix » Thu Apr 06, 2017 6:01 pm

I hope this is not too late to be useful.

I have mirrored my mobile onto my screen for satnav in an A1 2016.

I used the Audi AMI/RCA leads:

https://shops.audi.com/en_GB/web/zubeho ... 51510aa-11

These I connected to a miracast receiver:

https://www.amazon.co.uk/MAPLIN-WIRELES ... rds=NTV301

I am using a Wileyfox Swift phone and the Navigator app:

https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... r&hl=en_GB

I have activate video in motion {using an OBDeleven dongle). I am pleasantly surprised at the utility of satnav mirrored from a mobile phone. More than good enough for my purposes. I have the following comments to inform others contemplating a similar system.

1. Any recent Android phone should be OK if is has Miracast. There are several free and paid for navigation apps.

2. There are other miracast receivers on the net, some specially meant for cars.

3. The satnav is not integrated into the A1 systems, the turn diagrams are not displayed on the DIS screen.

4. There is one or more extra analogue/digital video conversions in the display. It may not be as crisp as could be but to my non-HD eyes, at 80cm from the screen, the picture is fine.

5. I use my main mobile phone. To use the hands free facility there needs to be a Bluetooth connection to the car. The first syllable or two of the verbal route instructions are cut out using Bluetooth audio. This is probably an artifact of my phone and miracast receiver.

6. Playing music or the radio while navigating must be via the telephone.

7. Using the telephone will cause legal problems if you handle the device while driving - to change destination or music for instance.
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