DTUK Audi A1 2.0 TDI CRD-T+ Common Rail & Boost Tuning Syste

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DTUK Audi A1 2.0 TDI CRD-T+ Common Rail & Boost Tuning Syste

Postby pop80_uk » Tue Feb 14, 2017 11:08 pm

DTUK Audi A1 2.0 TDI CRD-T+ Multi-Channel Common Rail & Boost Tuning System RRP £350

Brand new - never fitted - Cost £369 to buy direct from DTUK

Standard KW (PS) 105 (143 PS)
Tuned KW (PS) 137 (185 PS)
Standard Torque 320 Nm
Tuned Torque 420 Nm

No longer required

From manufacturer:

CRD-T+ Multi-Channel Common Rail & Boost Tuning System for enhanced drivability
Push button map selection
Up to 40% increase in power and torque
Up to 20% increase in economy are achievable

DTUK® CRD-T - Multi-Channel Common Rail and Turbo Boost System.

The CRD-T has been developed for the customer who wants the ultimate tuning system available in todays market place, this system is an evolution of the CRD2 with the added benefits of being able to control boost settings. This system has been designed to work within the vehicles tolerance and safety parameters without the need for any hardware updates to you car.

Unlike our other common rail modules, GREEN, RED, CRD2, that only connect to the common rail pressure sensor, the new CRD-T also connects to the turbo pressure sensor, allowing us to control and increase the boost settings. This results in an even smoother power delivery, and even lower emissions and even more power and torque.

Latest Multichannel Digital Technology

The Common Rail CRD-T MultiChannel Digital Plug and Play Diesel Tuning System from DTUK is available for a variety of Common Rail turbo diesel engines and improves power and torque by up to 40%. The CRD-T differs from our other systems by connecting into the turbo boost sensor as well as the fuelling system for additional control over the vehicles power delivery.

This system contains surface mounted electronics and an on board microprocessor which we load with vehicle specific software that has been tailored to your make and model of car.

Up to 50+bhp increase and better fuel economy is achievable with this system depending on your vehicle, and driving style

We use Original Equipment (OE) connectors which enable easy fitting in minutes, not hours meaning that the system can be removed at any time. Once the system is removed your car reverts back to factory settings, leaving no physical traces behind.

This system can be re-programmed to fit many other applications if you change your current car.*

three individual tuning maps which are specific to your vehicle are placed into the memory of the system prior to dispatch. The reason behind this is that every driver has their own unique style, and we feel that at least 1 of the 4 maps will suit the driver and their vehicle.

This means optimal matching of all control parameters at every level of performance.
This is possible through the use of high performance processors that facilitate the detailed real-time scanning of the original software without influencing the internal protection functions of your engine.

A further novelty of the CRD-T is the ability of the systems to adapt to the individual characteristics of your vehicle. Over a short running-in period, the memory function detects the individual data for the differing fuel injection cycles. The information gained in this way provides the basis for the optimisation. The tolerances are then balanced and an optimal result is achieved.

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