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Poorest prepared prestige cars ive ever seen for sale

Tue Jul 07, 2015 6:52 pm

Some year's ago my friend took his Boxter S to have it's MOT and service at Porche Cheshire Oaks, outside Chester.

Obviously they do not have to try very hard to sell any of their cars.

Two 911 Carrera S models, one in Red and another in Metallic Blue, had orange peel paintwork on their front bumpers.

Those cars had price tickets of over £60k, and had obviously been standing some time, because there were dry leafs in the air intakes, and there was heavy corrosion on the disc brakes.

The paintwork on the front, was so poor, that it stood out a mile, it had obviously been rushed for sale.

Had the cars been years old, one could have excused them but they were less than three years old, and they expected members of the public to part with substantial money.

Re: Poorest prepared prestige cars ive ever seen for sale

Thu Jul 09, 2015 5:59 pm

Around 8 - 10 years ago i bought a Suzuki Grand Vitara and the main dealer also sold used prestige cars.
They had a Lamborghini Gallardo or maybe a Murcielago that had one of the worse paint jobs i have ever seen, it was orange peel from front to back in a very awful light blue colour.
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